Maintenance tips for your Igor Hair

To get the most out of your hair extensions and wigs, it is important to look after it as you would your own! Below are some tips to follow to ensure you stay looking and feeling fabulous. 


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A flat base for the most natural finish  

Ensure that your hair is well moisturised before wearing your wigs, weaves or hairpieces!

To achieve the most natural laying wigs, first, create a flat base with braids, flat twists or a hair wrap.

After you have applied and adjusted your wig to your head, you can style as desired! 


  • Store your wig on a mannequin head or your Igor Hair box when you remove it so it can retain the style and shape

  • Excessive combing and brushing decreases the longevity 

  • Detangle from the ends with a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush


Recommended products + tools:


For a longer-lasting custom colour 

All colour fades, but using the right products and processes can help the colour to last longer! 


  • Wash your hair in cold water to avoid bleeding colour

  • Avoid Shampoos with sulfates and styling products with a lot of alcohol

Recommended product options: 



For the most defined and poppin' curls 

Our Textured collection mimics natural afro hair so you need to keep it moisturised as often as you can!


  • Using a spray bottle dampen the hair and apply a moisturising leave-in conditioner before detangling

  • Detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb and define curls with a Tangle Teezer/Denman brush.

  • Co-wash your hair once a week with your fave conditioner 

  • Deep condition your hair every two weeks to lock in moisture

  • Avoid heat where you can

  • Wear a silk scarf/bonnet to bed (if wearing your hairpieces at night)

Recommended products + tools: