Trend Report: Updos, the more creative the better

Black hair has always been a dynamic form of self-expression and statements from braids, Bantu Knots, to 'fros, wraps, wigs and more. The way we wear our hair can determine the way that we are treated and the way that we feel.

The 1990s brought us new trends and hair looks, with perfected braided styles and iconic 'spritz' updos, which are seemingly making a rapid comeback to the entertainment world.

As soon as the "WAP" artwork was released featuring BAPS inspired creative updos we knew we'd be in for a treat. Beauty looks on IG faves and music videos of recent having been given all the inspo of recent; From Saweetie's upcoming project's shoot as seen in her series “The Icy Life” to Bree Runway's "Gucci".

Hairstylists such as Jawara Wauchope and Issac Poleon have been incorporating techniques and styles from 90s hair trends with their own signature and modern interpretations to create stand-out looks in the fashion industry.

To create your updo you will need - A full lace wig, hair doughnut, sectioning clips, pins and curling tongs.

Prep your full lace wig to be placed into a high bun or ponytail (for the doughnut) to create a base for your updo. Section off your optional fringe piece for later. Then use your curling tongs to curl pieces around the updo base to be pinned into your desired style. Swoop or bump your fringe for added flavour!

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